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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
Today, the seven gates open for the diabolic beast of Australian city of Perth BLOODLUST. Masterminded by the two servants of the devil, Spectre (guitars, bass) and Disaster (vocals, drums), the beast set out on her fiery journey in 2011 and spit out two demo recordings and a single along the path to the present. The present that is marked with their debut notch "Cultus Diaboli". My acknowledgement goes to Spectre with whom I held this interview.

I. The amount of eight tracks of BLOODLUST´s debut "Cultus Diaboli"say little about the quantity of metal madness one can experience while listening to this masterpiece of thrashing darkness. The record spins with a never-ending whirlwind of virtousic, yet diabolically harsh musicianship, brimming over with excellent riffs and impressive compositional ideas. The band´s engine never stops. And when it seemingly does, it is just for a rebound to the ongoing insane beat-gallop. What kicked you up four years ago to start the band endowed with such kind of prolific metal fury?
"Thank you for the kind words regarding the album. BLOODLUST was started by myself, simply as an outlet to write some simple and catchy metal inspired by the bands I listened to when I first started to listen to metal music. Venom, early Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Onslaught and many other bands from that era of the 80's have a feeling that I wanted to capture in music that I write. Other bands that I am in or have been in have never really captured that particular feeling or style. Basically BLOODLUST is a return to my first musical inspirations."

II. BLOODLUST´s music could be classed as blackened thrash metal. Has it always been your primary inclination to play this kind of music? Or did your musical roots sprout from other sort of metal bedrock?
"I have listen to all different styles of metal over the years and played in various metal bands of differing styles from death metal, doom metal, industrial metal and black metal but I guess my true inspiration has always been first wave black metal bands and early thrash bands so that is the influence that I want to come through in BLOODLUST's material."

III. What does old-school metal aesthetics mean to you? How is it important for your music and metalheads´attitudes? And to what extent would you compromise on that in your efforts, if you have such, to progress with your metal?
"Basically I'm writing the music I want to hear with BLOODLUST, with a sound and imagery that have always appealed to me. I guess old-school aesthetics is about an attitude of sticking to your ideals and not compromising."

IV. You put on "Cultus Diaboli"the best of your past demo recordings and added some brand new tracks. Does that mean you did not have enough of new material or you just wanted to ressurect your older bashes because of their music value? Which of the songs on your debut would you choose as its flagship and why? (I would do "Sworn Servant of the Devil"!)
"I put songs from past demos on the album because myself and Disaster (vocals and drums) kept working on them and refining them little by little. So with better playing and better recording they still fit in with the newer material and they still had the vibe I was after, maybe ever more so than newer songs.
I agree, "Sworn Servant of the Devil" would be the flagship. I think it represents what BLOODLUST is trying to achieve. Catchy songwriting, which is still aggressive. It is probably the most complicated song on the album, there's a bit going on in there but it still flows well I think."

V. Do you believe that first-hand satanism still retains its magic trick in black metal? I mean all those upside-down crosses, blasphemous imagery, fallen angels etc. A growing number of bands within the rank and file opt for more esoteric realms, flirting with occult kabbalah, anti-cosmic forces, chaos invocations or whatever. How tempting is that path for you?
"All that "cheesy"stuff is what got me into the kinds of metal I like so for me it still retains the magic. I see an album cover with an inverted cross or similar blasphemous imagery and I still take notice and I always will. I listen to a lot of modern black metal, the more esoteric styles, and I am interested in the occult topics and that more spiritual/intellectual approach to satanism but BLOODLUST will always be more of the blatant, horror movie style."

VI. You released "Cultus Diaboli"on a tape limited to fifty pieces (I am a proud owner of one of them!). Why did you decide for such small amount? Do you believe there are just up to fifty metalheads in the world to buy the tape and the rest will do with mp3 download? Or did you want to make the release somewhat exclusive, in underground terms?
"I went for 50 tapes purely due to the cost and I don't really expect to sell many more. I do very little promotion for BLOODLUST as I purposely don't want to push it. I want people discover it for themselves and that takes time. I'm not trying to make it exclusive or very "underground"particularly, it was basically a matter of cost and what I expect to sell. The previous BLOODLUST´s demo was also a 50 tape run and that is finally sold out after two years. It all takes time."

VII. How bright is the future of BLOODLUST´s darkness? Anything in the offing?
"The album "Cultus Diaboli" has been pretty well received from the response we have been getting. The first day after the tape and digital release I had offers from labels to release the album on CD. Iron Blood and Death Corporation (IBDC) from Mexico will be releasing the album on CD in the next few weeks I hope. All the artwork and files have been sent to press as far as I am aware. Apart from that I am writing new material at the moment and will be recording songs very soon, which will probably result in another demo tape."

Thanks for the interview, I keep my fingers crossed upside down for you!
Thanks you very much for the interview and your interest in the new album!


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