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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
Today, the gates open for the German heavy metallers BLIZZEN. The band is quite a new entry in the scene, starting their metal journey last year with their three-track demo recording. And just last month they came with their amazing EP "Time Machine" which made them instantly one of my today´s top heavy metal hordes. My pleasure to talk to them in the following lines.

I. Heavy metal beats in a time machine. Its bands sprout from what the past legends bred, yet they are not just submerged in dirt and dust of the gone-by time. Some of them sound incredibly fresh. And as the today's horizons of the metal scene scream louder and allow for more bands to pop up visibly than what they used to, even such hordes you might not have heard about before can burst into the metal world with a noticable knock and spread their fuelled flaming fire with a fans' wide feedback. The striking one within the flock is the German heavy metal sparkle BLIZZEN. Do you consider yourselves a new band playing old-time music in a fresh way, or do you believe you surf the brand new wave of heavy metal movement?
I think we are a new band playing classical heavy metal in a fresh way. All band members listened to heavy metal already before that "new movement" has appeared. Of course it is very cool to have a growing or bigger interest into that music since the last five years.

II. You say that your music direction, playing heavy metal, was clear to you from the very beginnings of BLIZZEN and hence you didn´t need to search for the band´s sound. Would you comment on this a bit more?
Haha, there is no more comment necessary, you already summed up what we wanted to do and what we try to do!

III. In April you came out with your first regular recording, the EP titled "Time Machine". I have, without exaggeration, been astonished with every bit of its five tracks and cannot imagine a day without spinning it in my record player now. Is BLIZZEN really an unstoppable machine to produce masterpieces, or did you have a broader portfolio of your songs to choose from and put the carefully selected germs on the recording?
Thank you very much! No, these five tracks were nearly the only ones we had at the time of the recording of "Time Machine" which already happened in September of 2014. We had two more songs and we still play one of these two songs live, but we kicked out another one, because all the others were much better. The most important thing in our songwriting is, that we all have to be absolutely convinced of the songs and all agree on them and they have to represent the kind of music we would want to listen to for our own. We kind of have to be our favorite band for ourselves!

IV. From the very first song and its lyrics I feel your very strong, convinced devotion to heavy metal as music and a lifestyle. It resonates with my persuasion that heavy metal is to be lived through in all its aspects every day of a metalhead's lifetime. Too orthodox and far-fetched? Maybe, but anyway. What does your dedication to heavy metal mean to you?
Absolutely. It is more than just a style of music you listen to, it is a way of life. Other people may identify themselves with their careers or religion or stuff like that, but we devoted our souls to Heavy Metal! Nothing else in the universe can give us that feeling of strenght, unity and freedom!

V. You are signed up with quite a renowned label High Roller Records. Do you think that, nowadays, a heavy metal band with promising music potential can make its way even when it sticks to DIY principles and deep underground? Or does a good label in the background remain a necessary prop to step further into the scenic light?
A label of course makes it easier for bands, because if they are a good one, they do a lot of promotion and stuff like that for their bands, which helps them a lot. As a DIY-band you need many, many connections to people, that give you opportunities for shows or recordings. The sad but true fact often is money. You need a couple of it for recordings that get the band to a higher level, and many bands, so as we were before being signed, don't have those financial possibilities. But of course there are other exceptions where DIY-bands got quite big and still do their own thing without any support! It always depends a bit.

VI. BLIZZEN are very active in playing live shows. What do gigs mean to you?
Sure, because this is why we are a band. Playing shows is the best part of it, the feeling of presenting your songs to an audience which, in the best case, likes it and gives this back to you is one of the most satisfying and exciting things you can experience!

VII. After a series of spring and summer performances you are planning to start working on your debut album and put it out sometime it the mid of the next year. Do you have already some ideas what your debut should sound like? Would you give us some hints of what your fans can expect from it?
Not losing the quality of the songs. We already play some of the upcoming songs on our shows and response was already very good. So come to one of our shows and you can guess what it will sound like. 110 % ass kicking Heavy Metal!

Thanks for your time and answers! My support!!
No problem, stay heavy!


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