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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
Today, it is a great honour for the blogzine to open the seven gates for the Swedish darkened horde MYSTRUIN.They set out on their musical journey in 2006 and after two demo recordings they came with their first full-length last year, finally. The interview questions were kindly answered by Lazarus (drums), Gillerström (guitars) a Ghast (vocals).
I. Coming across the Swedish coven MYSTRUIN and their last-year´s debut "Gånget äro ljuset", I had a few hints to what to expect from their music. Their affiliation to the renowned label Lamech Records and close line-up ties to the mighty magicians Hetroertzen made it quite clear to me that here I would deal with some sort of occult black metal rituals. It is the highest premise of the illuminated music that individual endeavour matters. MYSTRUIN really are individual within the current. Their music flows through straightforward darkness, yet it is quite complex in its composition and atmosphere. After a number of listenings to their album, only a very few moments have remained stuck in my head, but lots of darkened mood and magic. And here comes a question for the band. What realms do your strong music spirits dwell in and what are they nourished with?
Lazarus: What would tie us as individuals in MYSTRUIN has been, in our personal way, to create music that reflects, in a way, the music that has left a strong impact on us. The old-school black/death metal. Without mentioning names, it has rather been a complex experience of shock, obscure art, raw production and over all crushing moral boundaries. What I would say, though, is that I for instance have never found inspiration in music only. It is a rather complex process. Creative outburst is Art and art for me has NO boundaries. So, a big variety of art such as music, books, paintings, personal experiences and other spirit journeys have nourished this creation.
Ghast: Strictly speaking about black metal now, I prefer vocals that do not just keep to a typical vocal pattern. As the vocalist in MYSTRUIN I am very keen on what I can bring to our music to give it my own touch. Musical inspiration comes from everywhere.
Gillerström: I am not very limited in my musical appreciation but rather listen to different kinds of musical genres. Albeit hard rock and metal are the types of music that take up most of my listening time spent.

II. Another premise of the occult states that certain things should remain unspoken and hidden behind an esoteric veil. However, would you elaborate a bit on music as well as spiritual contents of your debut and its message to the world of metalheads?
Gillerström:All the music which we have created up to date including the lyrics have come out of a more or less gradual process where the structure and arrangements have been changed over time to take on a somewhat final shape in the end. Thereby, we have often not had a fixed or very clear outspoken form in a conceptual manner which we have tried to achieve in the end, but rather built on new ideas continuously throughout the process. We have created work which we ourselves appreciate. The lyrics for the debut have been written by Ghast. A philosophical meaning is present in everything in the world. The songs will, in a way, always speak for themselves and separate individuals will find certain things within the art which appeal to them.
Ghast: What one as an individual can draw out of our music is very much up to the listener. In that sense, if you can draw from our music spiritually, philosophically or even mentally it is up to you. For me, the symbolism and lyrics are a means of exploration of realms unknown to me before.
Lazarus: The symbolism in the art has not only one meaning. The paintings work in the same way as symbols do and they are there to interact with the subconscious mind. Directly. The rest is up to the individual meditating upon the art. What is important in this case would be to not distort the embrace of the unknown. From within and without. To free the mind. From the heart. Paintings, lyrics and music are necessary for a complete experience. And loud, of course…

III. It is quite obvious what is important for you in spiritual terms in connection to your music. But let´s put this aside and tell me what is the most essential for you in purely musical terms? What your musíc should sound like in order you be satisfied with it?
Gillerström: The most essential core for us is rather basic; it's what we ourselves feel like creating. In a sense, we are not very limited in our formulas and directions. So far, the clear foundation has been black metal and will most probably continue to be so. Our possible future deviations lie more in styles and manners in which we perform our works. A key ingredient in our music has always been some kind of melancholic expression as well as a foundation in darkness and moments of old-school expressions. We are open to experimenting and trying out new things though and what we have created through the years at least to us have, in a way, a division of eras. Since we have been very irregular in our official outputs at a wider scale though, this is not something which is outwards very apparent at the moment. What our music should sound like in order for us to be satisfied with it is simply that it must be something which we ourselves enjoy and this cannot really be defined definitely.
Ghast: I have until recently been in charge of the lyrics for the band and it has been the same for every member and their respective instruments. We put together our individual ideas at our rehearsal space and entrusted each other with bringing these ideas to the creation process. In the beginning we wanted to create black metal and we all have different influences we can pour into our sound. And that has been the way we have developed our sound. The next release will be more of a band effort.
Lazarus: The music is strongly rooted in the most humble desire of expressing the thirst for Chaos. Primitive in its expression and you can totally hear our influences from the old-school black metal; like a penetrative force.The down-tempo parts are more of an absorbing force. It is hard to be satisfied... but what is important is to feel that this is right. We all come up with different ideas and then we just go for it. It is, if we categorize it, black metal we play and we all have similar influences, but also very different ones and this combination is really stimulating. It opens up a lot for further exploration.
IV. A closed gate, a whirlwind of hideous creatures controlled by a man in its centre, burning shrines, humans falling into the abyss gasping below a tree, a lightened path leading through the dark surrounds - these are the images that can be found in the booklet of your debut recording. Would you comment on their symbolism?
To begin with we would like to clarify the interpretation of the second illustration of the man in the centre; he is not controlling the creatures but they are rather swirling around him.
I wrote all the lyrics on "Gånget äro ljuset" and the paintings in the booklet are based on them. The ideas for the images were three individual interpretations melded into one, like the way we created the music on "Gånget äro ljuset".
Lazarus: The destruction of everything that is holy.
Gillerström: The artwork in our booklet each belongs to one part of lyrics and one song, hence, the picture next to the particular lyrics belongs to that song. Since all of the lyrics are in Swedish except for the major part of the final song, we understand that this thought of symbolism is not obvious for someone who is not familiar with the Scandinavian dialects. After all of the lyrics were written and we were discussing how the booklet should be shaped, we started elaborating on this idea of a picture for each song. Then we made some sketches which were later drawn and made into the fantastic illustrations (by 407 Art) which can be seen in the booklet, except for the final picture which is a real photograph.

V. The material for the album was recorded in 2010, yet it came out after a while, in February last year. Why was it for such a delay? One would expect that now you have already some new material finished for your second full-lentgth. Is it so?
Ghast: Without the band splitting up, we have been apart from each other longer periods of time for various reasons. We got together again in late 2014 and even had the chance to do a live performance again. As of now, we are working on new material and have already played some of it during our last performance. Our intention is to record an album this year.

VI. Today, occult black metal is venerated by many for its strong spiritual charge as well as scorned by others for its trendy nature. To what extent is the current healthy or rotten, out of your experience?
Mystruin: No comment.

VII. How important, in spiritual and presentation terms, are live performances for the occult black metal band?
Ghast: In general terms I believe that releases speak for themselves because you have the music, artwork, lyrics in there. And live performances, in my opinion, enhance what a band already has created. The visual aspect of a black metal performance in order to represent the band and their ideology is important but also up to each and every band, how far they want to take their music.
Gillerström: MYSTRUIN has not performed live a great number of times, less than ten, and the longest gap between two shows was over three years. This has been for different reasons but our intent for the future is to perform more live shows and present ourselves to a broader audience.
Lazarus: What is important is to know what you want to achieve. In my opinion, if you are a band, it is important to develop good musicianship in every sense. Whether you see yourself as an occult band or whatever. If your intentions are to play live, of course. To take it further, into spiritual matters, the next question would be: Are you ready to let others in to your mind?

Thanks a lot for your sharing the answers! You have my unholy support!!


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