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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
Today, the seven gates open for the Norwegian blackened thrashing machine INCULTER. Following a two-year old EP, they spat out their debut album "Persisting Devolution" this March. Really a smashing piece of music which I enthuse over in my recent review (link: Brusque as their music is, the same way they answered the interview questions.

I. After the first few spins of the disc "Persisting Devolution" in a player, it might be just clear enough what the rest of its rotation will bring about. Fast forward thrash metal flooded in darkness, chopping the trees in the band´s diabolic forest and setting the lumber ablaze in ever burning hellfire. Stuffed with primordial predatory roughness, INCULTER on their debut open the hell of relentless thrash attacks, charged with venomous skills and vile ideas, that would be envied by any old-timer of the scene. Their music gives no option. Be dragged into the peaked heap of drumming ferocity, genuine guitar gimmicks and vocal animalism, unless you want to spend the leftovers of your live in nail-biting rest and piece. The three guys of INCULTER once had the same choice. Why did you opt for the walks in the thrash-beaten diabolic forest, instead of dreaming your youth away in a calm shade of the rustling tree leaves?
"Well! It all started from the bottom, with bands like Europe, Guns ´n´ Roses, Deep Purple and those kinds of bands. We just started to dig bands that made cool guitar riffs and tried to learn them ourselves. But as the years went on, we started to search for bands that not everyone knew about, and we discovered a lot of great bands in the extreme metal genre, and got really hyped on the fast and filthy thrash/death/black metal style. We knew that this is what we need to do, so we started covering a few songs. Later on it went over to making our own songs, and that is what INCULTER now are doing!"

II. The title of your debut "Persisting Devolution" reads like a veneration of decay and regress, moulding the everyday reality round you. How much inspirative can such backwards life attitude be for your music? Doesn't it hamper your musicians' stamina?
"Your English is to technical for us... Can you rephrase the question? No? Okey.... next!"

III. Though your musical attitude is very traditional, you do not sound like "a typical Norwegian black metal band" or "a typical European thrash metal horde"? Which style is the closest to your tastes personally and where do you want to drive the sound of INCULTER?
"We do love a lot of different styles of music. So it is impossible to say which is the closest... But INCULTER's sound will continue in pretty much the same direction, we think! But we haven't made any songs since we released the album, so it is hard to say yet."

IV. The album sounds very spontaneous and full-blown. Did you test the songs live before recording, or did you have to learn them right on the doorstep of the studio?
"We played "Endless Torment" quite a few times, and we played "Traducers Attack" and "Commander" one time before recording. But the other songs were learned about a week before we went to the studio."

V. While writing your music, do you feel that you would do with the second guitar sometimes, or are you just happy with your three-manned line-up?
"It would have been nice to have a second guitarist sometimes, but most of our songs are based on only one guitar. So we don't feel like there is any urgent need for it yet."

VI. If you have a chance to change something in the underground metal scene of today, what would it be?
"More women at around our age! Definitely!"

VII. What are INCULTER's plans for this year's summer?
"INCULTER have no plans for this summer actually, but a lot of plans for the fall, so stay tuned for more gigs to be announced."

Thanks a lot for your time and answers. You have my full support!!


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