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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
Today, the gates open for the thrash metal horde RIOTOR. The band started in Canadian Quebec eight years ago and sketched their name with two demo recordings which scored in the extreme metal underground. Their debut "Beast of Riot" came out in 2010 and this year they burst back into the scene with their second full-length "Rusted Throne". The interview questions were kindly answered by the rioting beast´s guitarist Gabrihell.

All right, thrash 'till death, let's have it that way now! But what kind of dying would you opt for, sitting with your headphones turned on loud to your ears? You can either be smashed into smithereens through a relentlessly beaten up metal havoc, or get lost for good in a perplexing maze of your music's technical ingenuity. Or you can get your headbanger's fate sealed both ways in a single long-playing blow. The case, if you pick up the second album of the Canadian thrash metal madness RIOTOR, called "Rusted Throne". Five years after their debut, they came with another load of overflowing thrash energy and hi-tech metal wits. First, you may find it quite difficult to get along with their music. Beaten up and lost in a massive metal mincemeat, you might starve for some clue to handle the tracks properly in your mind and soul. And even though you never manage to gulp each and every track as a compact entity on its own, in every one of the eleven you can find some fantastic riffs, bits and moments that make the recording unforgettable and worth rewinding. I mean, there are some straight-forward tracks to handbang on "Rusted Throne", like "Nightmare Is My Life" or "Narcotic Death". But, first, I found it very difficult to get into all of them, only then becoming totally obsessed. Or maybe I am just too pampered.

I. Hence, the first question for the band can't be more obvious. With such complex technical approach to your music, do you understand you may easily drive away hop-on-and-off listeners and retain only a handful of those who have enough time and patience to dig deep into your album?
"METALIZED HAILS MANIAC !!! First of all, thanks a lot for supporting real metal!!! To be honest I never thought of our music as being overly technical so this question rather comes as a surprise than an obvious one. There are certainly a few twists here and there that make it a bit more technical than some other bands but I don't think it could turn off headbangers."

II. I categorize your music somewhat naturally as thrash metal, not being the only one to do so. But do you yourselves consider RIOTOR as an exemplary thrash metal band and "Rusted Throne" as a brand thrash metal album?
"I see RIOTOR as « extreme thrashing metal » with influences coming mainly from death and black metal but also from speed and heavy metal. A bastard of those if you will. Rusted Throne follows that formula and certainly isn't an exemplary thrash record."

III. With your second full-length, how much did you depart from the band's early years and your debut? Would you still sign your early music attempts in RIOTOR with the same pride and praise?
"I think the sound of the band didn't change so much. The main departure from the previous album lies in the fact that I didn't write much for the second record. While I wrote the biggest part of our first album Beast of Riot, I left RIOTOR for a year in 2012-2013 taking the songs I composed for the second album with me. Kevinator and Mikalcoholic then wrote more songs to complete the record. I think they managed to keep the spirit of the band intact for the first 10 songs of the record and I liked enough what I heard to join back and contribute leads on the album. Now that I'm back we have already 7 songs for our third album which will be written more like we used to work for the demos, me and Kevinator are sharing the most of the composition and Mikalcoholic is contributing a song or two and a few riffs here and there. Our first album Beast of Riot is still and forever will be held with the same pride as it was when it was released. I can also say the same about our demos as they show the band playing with utmost conviction since its inception."

IV. "Rusted Throne" seems to stand against all and everything. Understandable, since the band's name gives the hints. The album riots against today's society and its values, against social elites as well as social plebs, against state, religion, human spirit and flesh. The only salvation from this fucked-up world comes with metal music. I really like this kind of attitude: "We will make this metal state, where no fags are allowed, where you renounce all your life and become one of the loud". But are you really serious about all of that?
"The lyrics come from Ismarevil's universe. He surely has a twisted mind of hate after living traumatism of war and after being a target of genocide in his home Bosnia. We all agree on the fact that we live in a corrupted world where what really matters is left aside for the benefit of profit and power. RIOTOR stands against all establishement and calls for rebellion and freedom. Metal is our common passion and it is the medium we chose against the perpetual enslavement we live in. On a lighter side, an utopic metallic world where steel, beer and women are plenty would certainly be the best to live in."

V. RIOTOR has a five-member line-up. But the booklet of "Rusted Throne" says that the drums and rhytm guitars were recorded by Caporal Jack and the guitar solos, bass and vocals by Kevinator. Does that mean that the band did not participate in making the album in full?
"This part actually means that Caporal Jack and Kevinator were the sound engineers for the recording of the instruments. Everyone recorded their own stuff except that Kevin recorded both rythm guitars for this album as I wasn't there to do the other rythm guitar like it should have been. That being said, we always stayed friends and I lent him my amp so the guitar tone wouldn't be far off Beast of Riot. I came back shortly after the rythm guitars were done and added my solos."

VI. You are signed up with the French label Infernö Records. Having done so, do you want to be more visible for the European metal scene? And does it have some effects concert-wise?
"We always had mainly European labels, we released our first album on Bestial Invasion Records (Scotland) and Dying Victims Productions (Germany). We also worked with Terror Blast (Macedonia) in the past. Concert-wise working with Dominik/Bestial Invasion brought us to do our first european devastation in 2010 which will forever be remembered as a high point for the band and as a metallic drunken debauchery. Infernö was a natural choice as Fabien is a good friend of mine since I worked with him in the past. I knew he could deliver and that the relation with the label would be great, and it is!!! We will also release a tape version of Rusted Throne for south americans maniacs on Total Desaster Productions (Argentina). I think South America is the best place for metal these days, they have the most raging bands and maniacs. We plan to invade again Europe and also go to South America and the United States to spread our venomous metal in the next years."

VII. I am myself all into RIOTOR now. But in today's dense metal scene, I guess, it is quite hard to build a firm stronghold of dedicated metal fans who buy your albums and merch. What would be stated on the doorstep of your fans' bastion to tempt the others to the circle?
"The scene is certainly overcrowded. RIOTOR stands for uncompromising extreme thrashing metal, nothing less, nothing more. Maniacs will know who we are."

Thanks a lot for your time and answers!! My thorough support to the grand RIOTOR!!
"Thanks a lot to you maniac for your support and your dedication to underground metal!!! LIVE FOR STEEL - DIE FOR STEEL !!!"


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