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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
In almost every single review on SACRIFICIUM CARMEN's debut album "Ikuisen tulen kammiossa" one can find a hint likening their music to the notorious acts of Finnish black metal scene Horna and Sargeist. Such comparison is further encouraged by their alliance with Horna's vocalist Spellgoth who pitched in with his chants in the album's track "Öisen haahkan liekeissä". The band's evident ancestry comes out then glorified as a virtue rather than reproached as a copycat. In general, obsession with originality has been standing as an indisputable feature of the arts since ever, even with respect to music which is naturally based on ritualistic patterns of repetitiveness in its essence. Critics of unoriginality in music often miss this point and obviously even more when it comes to black metal.

I. How much do SACRIFICIUM CARMEN believe in the strength of tested ritualistic features of their music and how ambitious are you in terms of originality?
Hoath Cambion: "Of course we respect the roots what our fellow countrymen have bred in the glorious history of Finnish black metal and there was a time when these lineages influenced us more distinctly. Nowadays we stand with our own feet and it's obvious that we believe the strenght of our artistic feet, otherwise there is no point to continue this path of creativity. We have found our own distinctive sound and expression of the black arts. And the sound will be very polymorphic."

II. My personal favourites are the album's last two tracks "Julman sanasta" and "Yön kasvot", the great pieces with stirring compositional highlights that shed more light on the nature of SACRIFICIUM CARMEN, more than the light-bearer "Lucifer" himself, I am tempted to say. The second half of the recording seems to be more rewarding in its accesibility, which keeps listening strained to the very end. This said, it doesn't mean that the album's first tracks do not have their attractive feelings. They do, but the music seems to search with them yet for its crucial mind notch. Do the origins of the particular tracks differ in some substantial way?
Hoath Cambion: ""Julman sanasta" and "Yön kasvot" are the oldest songs of our debut album and that could be the main reason of the difference. Also "Julman sanasta" is the only song that founding member Advorsvs composed on this album. I wrote the lyrics of "Yön kasvot" back in 2007 or 2008 so the story is older than our band itself and I had this vision that this song needs to be atmospheric, even melancholic. First half of the album is much more ritualistic for me with its "orthodox" approaching (voodoo-like drumming on "Lucifer", flat sound and the lyrics fe.) and the second half is much more melodic what could be the reason of its easier accessibility."

III. You released your debut after six years of the band's existence. Could this turning point on SACRIFICIUM CARMEN's path propel you to more intense future activity?
Hoath Cambion: "Definitely yes. We are very active band at the moment as we write our second full-lenght album aside of our live gigs and other band projects. There's also one split album confirmed from us."

IV. Many of those, me including, who discovered the band just with "Ikuisen tulen kammiossa" might be really happy to have in their music collection your demo tape "Sanansaattaja" (2013), too. Now, when your fan base got much stronger due to the debut' s release, do you think about resurrecting those demo songs in some way? Or would you rather leave them burried in the unreachable past for good?
Hoath Cambion: "There's a plan to record new revision for couple of songs from our demo. But more info on that comes later."

V. On the four-band split "The Shadows of Death's Call" (2014) you met the Czech horde Silva Nigra. Were you actively involved in the choice of the participating bands, being familiar with their black arts, and do you follow what Silva Nigra do today?
Hoath Cambion: "We were asked to collaborate on this split by Nocturnus Dominus of Unhuman Disease. I heard from one of my Finnish colleagues that Silva Nigra is an old school Czech band which has a cult status. I follow them in social media."

VI. Black metal in its origins took up the strong antireligious stance, fighting the church not only as an ideology, but also, more important, as an institution. Today, many black metal bands turn to the occult, lock their spirit in the esoteric realms and stand detached from reality. Do you think that the present transcendent indulgence in the occult gives to black metal more strength than the past earthbound fight against the clergy and the crucifix?
Hoath Cambion: "When considered the spiritual input, I think that back in the 90's black metal was a draft of what it is nowadays. However I'm not looking down to the values that was common on those days, we have to remember that the values were based on the thought patterns of teenagers. Today, black metal is much more refined what comes to spiritual phenomenon and the pure interest of the occult. Transcendental mind is much stronger to fight against false norms and prophecies than just a hateful ego."

VII. Do SACRIFICIUM CARMEN yearn for the energy coming from the fan pit during a live performance, even if the pit may gather a flock of varied people and create unexpected atmosphere, or is your music deemed more suitable for contemplations in monastic solitude as portrayed in the album's cover art?
Hoath Cambion: "I'd say both. We have diverse setlist for live performances and it delivers different kind of emotions to the audience all the way from aggressive moshing through tranquil atmosphere. One of the best feedback was that one started to cry during our extremely melancholic song what will be included on our upcoming split album. In my opinion album has a lack of spirit if one can't reach the atmosphere by listening the form of entity in solitude."

Thanks a lot for your answers, my full support to SACRIFICIUM CARMEN!!
"Thank thee! Rege Satanas!"


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