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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.
When I got my very first heavy metal recording taped on a re-used shabby cassette, I remember listening to it covertly, being afraid of my parents that they would find out that dangerous thing in my possession, evoking my fresh avid interest in the devil´s music. Almost thirty years since then, metal musíc does not by far possess such dangerous reputation it used to have once. But thanks to the bands like Chilean INVINCIBLE FORCE, good old metal still retains some unsettling vibe even in today´s apparitions. Some of those hordes come out of the blue and establish themselves with a whole portion of music on a full-length debut right at their start, while the others spend years of gleaning scraps of music for demos and splits and wait for their first album till the time is ripe enough. It took INVINCIBLE FORCE seven damn summers from their first demo "Black Ritual" till the last year´s release of the album "Satan Rebellion Metal". Which is, by all means, a hellish slap of cursed thrashy violence coming from the days of yore. I was honoured to talk about the recording and more with the band's drummer Skullfukk.

I. Do you regard it as an advantage for the band itself and for your music that you spent quite a lot of time before kicking out your debut album? And, with that respect, do you rate "Satan Rebellion Metal" as an outcome of the band´s musical and personal maturity?
"I don't think of it as an advantage, cause it wasn't planned or anything, we did things at the pace we felt was better for the band and the songs, without hurries or anything, but at the same time it was indeed a process that gave us the elements that helped develop what "Satan Rebellion Metal" finally was, like confidence and more practice, composition and playing-wise, experience obviously affects the way we do things, but we still have a long road ahead."

II. What is "satan rebellious" about your music in the times, when metal became almost a part of popular culture?
"The name of the LP for us portrays the essence of what metal is and always should be, a destructive, rebellious force of bloodthirsty violence from the underground!! We don't give a fuck about what's popular or the ways popular culture tries to meddle with metal. Everyone involved in those false pathetic ways should fuck off and die!!!!"

III. Out of eight songs on your debut album, the one titled "Unholy Trinity" is of the older origin. It found its place on the earlier split with your fellows Nuklear Strike already. Why did you dig out this single song out of your past? What is so special about it, apart from the refrain lyrics that gave the title to the debut?
"Yes, it is from that split, it's a song that we felt just had to include on our first album, cause for us it represents our past and present, sort of "historic reasons" haha, ending the album with an older song seem really proper, plus it's just a killer one that we enjoy the fuck out of playing live."

IV. My favourite track on the album is the one called "Desolation" with its wailing quitar riff elevated each time for the refrain. It gives a really fresh air to the band´s heavy sounding coarsened with sharp metal chop-offs. Do you have in your drawer more of such refreshing deviations that you might once pick up for the next recording, or would you stick to the straight direction of harsh metal gritting for the rest of your life?
"Maybe man, it wasn't intentional, we just write what we enjoy hearing really, we don't like to limit ourselves by following a strict stylistic norm or something like that, i think every release is really different from one another because of that, but we just aim to write and play dark violent metal of death that makes us want to destroy ourselves!!!! I think the next recording is sounding really diverse... you'll just have to hear it youself."

V. In your lyrics you use quite a lot of allusions to the biblical imagery. Yet, metal is your "weapon to torment christians´ souls". What is your attitude towards the Holy book, when you use its lyrical cartridge to load your metal weapons for the fight against its people?
"We sometimes use those symbols and words mainly to invert and mock them, our lyrics seek to ridicule those dogmatic beliefs and turn them into a blasphemous aggression towards itself. "Fire Spitting Nun" is a good example, but generally our lyrics are pretty self explanatory and straight forward."

VI. "Satan Rebellion Metal" was released in all three physical formats, on a vinyl LP, CD and a tape. If you were a fan of INVINCIBlE FORCE, which one would you opt for and why?
"If i were a fan i'd buy all three of them probably, every edition is killer and sounds different and good in their own ways. The vynil sounds killer since it has a special mix that Pablo Clares did for the LP, the tape version also sounds excellent, specially the drums (plus it includes the songs from the split)... every label did an excellent job with it."

VII. Is there anything that could stop and defeat the invincible force?
"Hangovers, a heart attack, getting kicked in the balls, drugs/booze abuse for days, crashing at 200km/h would do the job too."

Thanks for your words and your cursed music! In Nomine Dei Nostri INVINCIBLE FORCE Excelsi!
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