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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

The breed PUTREVORE of the two major personas in the mouldering death metal scene, Dave Rotten and Rogga Johansson, recently spawned their third full-length of cadaveric filth "Tentacles of Horror". Being released under the accomplished Xtreem Music label fucking all trends since ever, the album with unpolished grace and crafts pays homage to venerated stylistics of the genre's tradition, utilizing the death skills of the two in a full sway. The more I listen to their piece of music, the deeper I plunge into the tempting monstrosities they awakened and raised from darkly caverns of the underworld. The vivid rough images of PUTREVORE's music once again beat the causal days passing by. Dave Rotten himself disclosed more about its nature in the following interview.

I. Before the vital collaboration of the rotten Dave and the mesmerizing guitarist Rogga got its name of PUTREVORE, it put down its putrid death metal roots in the forerunner act called Death Breath. What was the reason for changing the band's name? Did you intend to set PUTREVORE on a different path than the ideas and ambitions you had built Death Breath on? Or was the renaming just a matter of taste and there could be traced a clear "ideological" and musical continuity between the two bands?
"​They weren't two bands or anything like that. The change of name was simply because around that time there was another band called Death Breath and just to avoid confussion, we decided to change it and came up with this much more fitting name to our music."

II. Both of you are very prolific musicians even out of PUTREVORE, Dave as a mastermind of the leading monster of Spanish ug death metal scene Avulsed and Rogga in a countless row of extreme metal bands. Coming together in PUTREVORE, did you want to use the band as an outlet for the ideas you couldn't employ elsewhere? Or was the sole temptation of working together the main incentive to start the band?
"​It was simply the aim of working together, nothing else and then we decided to go away from our former bands a little bit. Not just the typical swedish Death Metal stuff Rogga was used to write and not the Death Metal I was doing with my other bands. We wanted to do someting really fucking heavy, rotting and ugly. Nothing original, we know, but we enjoy doing this monster!!"

III. The backside of the booklet to "Tentacles of Horror" states that all the music and lyrics were written by Rogga. Has it been a natural division of labour in PUTREVORE from the band's very beginnings that Rogga is a perpetrator of all the composition work before a studio session and Dave adds to it just his vocal vomits then?
"​Due to my label work, I have little time to do lyrics for all bands I sing in and well, Roggar is not only a privileged mind when writing music, but also lyrics. They just come out from him so easily... Then on this album I didn't take care only of the vocal part, but also the mixing and mastering just to ensure we would get the exact sound we were looking for."

IV. The bottomless chasm sounding of Dave's vocal performance on the recording is really magnificent! With this respect, the album's booklet says that no fucking rotting vocal effects were used on the recording. Have you ever faced suspicions or doubts that a regular human being can hardly puke out such throat sickness? And is the message intended for all such doubters?
"​Well, since I started singing in early 90's there were many suspicious people that couldn't believe these low guttural voices could come without effects, so let's say this is somethig I always wrote in all my recordings and it's basically a tradition for me, haha!! Nowadays, singinig guttural or brutal is not a mystery, but well, I can say I find with the time, that not all brutal vocalists have such a low bottom end on their voice. They sound pretty weak without music, haha!! So when adding the music they disguise that lack of low end."

V. My impression from listening to "Tentacles of Horror" is that the album's last two tracks differ in a compostitional way from the rest. They lack that salient guitar highlights present in the rest of the songs that make each of them easy to keep in mind and recall. Hence the last two tracks may be more compact in harshness but also less accessible. Was the origin of the two different from the rest in some way? Or is it just my misled feeling?
"​Haha, most probably it is your misled feeling, haha!! We just try to write music in a similar style, but trying not to be repetitive. Some might me more heavy and mid tempo and other faster and more complex and less catchy, but that will only make the album more varied. These last two songs are casually there, not because they're different or anything..."

VI. The lyrics of "Tentacles of Horror" lean conspicuously on lovecraftian themes. What's the crucial point of those penny-dreadful arts that PUTREVORE digs for in their music?
"​That's completely something from rogga. He likes very much this kind of topics, so we thought it would fit very well the music of PUTREVORE."

VII. Guessing from the promo picture, PUTREVORE seems to be also a live-performance band. How do you choose your live session drummers? And would you imagine the band blasting the same stage with Avulsed or some of Rogga's hordes in one event?
"​There was a moment when we almost play live one show, I think it was like in 2011 or so when Avulsed played at Killtown. PUTREVORE was going to play there as well, with Avulsed's drummer, but then Rogga got offered to play some shows with Paganizer and he just couldn't do it. We'd like to play live some day, but who knows... for the moment it's just a studio project where Rogga and I enjoy doing the heaviest shit we can."

Thanks a lot for your words! Keep rotting with my dedicated support!



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Wow, super brutal!!!

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