Seven Gates of Hell with SATAN´S FALL

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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

The Finnish horde SATAN'S FALL is a fresh crop of the present fervour of digging deep in the heavy metal past. And even if one might have all the classic records well shelved at home and live his metal days just for them, he would hardly resist temptation to snatch the morsel of "Seven Nights" and add this short demo gem within. Heavy banging Satan commenced his fall a year ago and the ten-minute recording of three songs is their opening notch. Well, it may be just a teaser, but the very persuasive one. The interview questions were answered by the band´s guitarist Tomi Mäenpää.

I. What is so tempting and rewarding about traditional heavy metal that made you found a brand new band SATAN´S FALL, instead of using the musical ideas and stamina for your former or still active metal hordes of harsher temperament sprouting from deathly graves, blackhish hell and thrashy havocs? Maybe more freedom in heavy metal to cut out motley guitar solos and arrangements which are, by the way, really great on "Seven Nights"?
Tomi: "Me and Kride started the band just for our own fun, but suddenly we had a whole band around us. It's a good therapy from the other bands we have and heavy metal music has always been a big thing for us. Heavy metal definitely has more freedom when it comes to the riffs, solos, vocals, lyrics and arrangements, you're right there. Heavy metal has no boundaries!"

II. Judged by the lyrics of the three songs of your demo "Seven Nights", you seem to be quite particular about a message story in your music. On the other hand, the name of your band rather conforms to tedious metal clichés. Or does "the fall of the rebellious angel" really symbolize something you would like to refer to in your music and identify with in your artistic beliefs?
"Markus takes his themes from more serious side of occult, literature, pop and underground culture and "zeitgeist". We started the band with the name Satan's Cross, but soon this Mexican band took the name, so we came up with Satan's Fall. Of course everyone knows it's the famous Mercyful Fate song. Satan's fall from heaven symbolizes the rebellion against authority and heavy metal has always been music which rebels against authority."

III. The strongest impression from listening to "Seven Nights" that convinced me that here I deal with something promising coming out of today´s stir of regressive heavy metal stemmed out of the weird matching of Markus´s vocals with the music. I can imagine the vocals being a tone or a few higher, more fancy, but then the band´s music show would definitely lose much of its grimness which is just catchy as hell! Would you agree that the odd vocal performance is the band´s top asset?
Tomi: "You might have a point there. Before we had Markus in the band I was thinking more high-pitched and "over-the-top" vocals to our music, but when Markus joined the band and I heard his singing at the rehearsal place, I noticed that his voice is much more unique than many other singers have in nowadays heavy metal bands. And that's more important thing to me and I hope people hear that too. Same thing with James of Terminus hailing from Northern Ireland. Just listen to his voice! By the way: they're definetely the best heavy metal band out there today. So, you can be a talented singer, but the unique style and sound are something that you can't just learn in music schools or taking singing lessons from professionals."

IV. "Seven Nights" was released in all three physical formats, on a vinyl 7-inch, CD and a tape, which is quite an ambitious load for a ten-minute demo recording. Why didn´t you put SATAN´S FALL first attempts just on a bait tape, as was the usual practice of the real "old farts of the eighties". Did you want to make the band much visible from the very onset in today´s underground scene, using such proliferation?
Tomi: "When we were recording "Seven Nights" demo I mailed one unfinished song without vocals and solos to Underground Power Records (Germany) and we got their interest for the 7 inch release. Soon after the demo was released on Bandcamp we made deals with Stormspell Records (US) for CD and Iron On Iron Records (Greece) for tape. Of course releasing material in three different formats on two continents helps out a lot. And in year 2016 we don't need to work like the old bands did in the 70's and 80's. Internet is a good tool for band things, but also bad if you can't use it proper way."

V. What does the seven nights´magic have in common with the gaze of urban skyline portrayed on the cover of the recording?
Tomi: "
We gave a free hand for the artist Anu Bring who did an amazing art of work for "Seven Nights" cover. I mailed our music to her and gave the lyrics of "Seven Nights" that she could bring her visual idea of "Seven Nights" in a form of painting. And she did good!"
Anu said following about her work:
Anu: "The EP cover art was blended train of thought that circled around when I was taking the first listen of the songs. The smell of sinister city, that never really sleeps. The double image is basically just imaginary of how you see the place different way depending who you are. The thin line between good and bad. The eyes came from the feel that you are alone but always watched. Every city hides mysteries, which only few might find when riding through the night."

VI. You have already played a number of live shows. Playing live is often much different than studio performance or rehearsals and can evoke some new spirits within a band. Has this non-transferable experience of playing together on a stage brought some fresh air to the band, maybe even changing your approach to the music you make, in any way?
Tomi: "
We have played only three shows so far, so can't really tell it has changed our approach to our music, but I think the last show supporting Manilla Road brought fresh air to the band. Playing live is different than playing in a studio, but we play pretty much the same way at a rehearsal that we play live... FAST! Haha!"

VII. What are your ambitions with SATAN´S FALL for foreseeable future?
Tomi: "
We're working with new songs and hopefully get something recorded during this year. We had an idea of full-lenght, but lately we have been thinking about four track EP before the full lenght. It gives us more time to rehearse and master our song writing skills for the album. You don't wanna release an album full of mediocre music, right?"

Thanks a lot for your answers. Let traditional heavy metal with SATAN´S FALL never fall into oblivion!
Tomi: "Thanks for the interview! Trends come and go, but heavy metal is here to stay!"


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