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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

The devilish might of the lesser god reached far beyond wreaking havoc on the once blessed world. His infernal vomit that flushed all the holy creation off the earth´s surface sprinkled a birth of profane creativity that stands high above the Scripture plan. That might and spewed spite of the horned one gave rise to the band of DUMAL and their fabulous debut album "The Lesser God". The horde of the three black metal devotees set out on their journey through the deep darkness almost five years ago, with their probe recording entitled "Amblerian Rehearsal 2013". Before putting out their first full-length at the start of 2017, with bites of their music left in a few records here and there they managed to scorch the unholy kindling and set their art on a dazzling black fire. Their debut album "The Lesser God" smells well of black metal traditionalism while at the same time can strongly tease senses with some fresh sins too. Summing up the opening words of the interview, it might suffice to proclaim: Praised be the day when I came across this hellish masterpiece! The rest is to be conveyed in the following questions and answers I exchanged with the band's bassist/vocalist Adam.

I. A part of the lyrics taken from the opening track of your debut album "The Lesser God" read: "May no light ever pierce the walls of our spirit, may no holy words be uttered by our lips". You highlighted these verses also in your digisleeve as a welcome prayer to your music, as a solemn declaration that points clearly towards black metal orthodoxy. Did these deep dark inclinations stay as the main driving force that made you start DUMAL next to your other, be it former or still active, bands several years ago?
"The driving force for DUMAL is quite different from our other projects together. With Dumal, we wanted to strictly follow the paths of European Black Metal while not sounding contrived. Though we tend to drift more towards European style of Black Metal, that doesn't mean we aren't influenced by or fans of bands from America or other locations. Speaking strictly for myself, I feel like a nationless person. I hold no allegiance to America, and therefore feel no need to try to represent any country with our music. This might explain why our music often sounds like it comes from other places - perhaps I'm trying to borrow a national identity, since I don't feel that I have one of my own. Musically, this Black Metal drive was not the case with other bands that came before, which had more room for experimentation and divergent ideas. With our older projects, we were more concerned with sheer heaviness than following any kind of path. We have other bands together that focus on other styles of music, since we have a wide musical taste. They too have room for experimentation and don't hold to any pure ideal. With DUMAL, however, our focus is set solely on the creation of Black Metal; honoring the bands that came before us, and creation of the dark, evil music that we worship."

II. Even your very first recording "Amblerian Rehearsal 2013" already revealed the band´s musical mastery, its first track "Twilight´s Hammer" is a morsel of pure black metal magic! The EP came out as a tape limited to ten copies. For whom was that sparse edition intended? And do you regard the rehearsal as something that should be still counted with in the band´s discography?
"The ten copies made were intended for people who would seek it out, people like us who look for and listen to obscure music. We expected to have only a small number of listeners, and have been surprised at the reaction to our creations thus far. "Twilight's Hammer" was indeed the first song we wrote for DUMAL, and it came to us in a flash on inspiration. We wrote the four songs from "Amblerian Rehearsal" in a few weeks, since this inspiration stayed with us and drove us to release the EP/demo as quickly as possible. We're proud of how ugly and odd the recording sounds, and certainly count it as part of our discography and evolution."

III. In the two split records that followed you seem to have been tempted by some pagan spirits of your domestic scene. What did you find so charming about paganism in black metal?
"While the other bands in the splits you mention were/are surely inspired by paganism, DUMAL's lyrics do not typically touch on these subjects. Paganism is a natural subject matter for this art, however, as it deals with beliefs that Christianity has tried to stifle and subjugate. Therefore addressing it and bringing it to light is volleying against this Christian oppression."

IV. Your first full-length "The Lesser God" is a very self-confident nod to all the vital dark forces that have shaped black metal tradition. Do you believe that unleashing the beasts of the past has still some potential for creative approach to black metal? Or is it just a matter of nostalgia?
"We certainly are nostalgic for the original sounds of Black Metal. However, we don't feel it hinders our creation of new music within the well-defined walls of the genre. Our musical inspiration comes in many ways from the original bands and sounds, and we're humbled that listeners hear that inspiration in our songs. We try to tap the deep well of those sounds with everything we create, and with it make something that sounds both familiar and refreshing. I think it must always be kept in perspective that Black Metal, and Metal itself, isn't a very old style of music. It only took 13 years to go from Black Sabbath to Black Metal, and has only been 35 years since then. There's still plenty of room for growth while coloring within the lines."

V. I received the album together with a page torn out off the Old Testament (the page comes from the part Judges 13:13), a gesture, than futher underlines the uniqueness of each piece of the limited edition. How much of the Holy Book do you have left after even the reprint has been sold out?
"That bible is pretty well torn up. Originally, the idea was to send much more than just a page of the bible with each CD. However, as the number of orders grew unexpectedly, it became impossible to fulfill this idea. I had intended to include handwritten notes in each album, as well as incense to burn while listening to the album. Destroying a bible feels both cathartic and childishly amusing. It's something that is obviously a little funny, but at the same time, allows us to give each person who bought the CD something different. It's our way of showing the people who bought the album our appreciation for their support, and at the same time our disdain for any holy books."

VI. Who is actually the lesser god, the guardian of your debut? What is he feared for and worshipped for?
"The lesser god is god. The mythical god of all theisms, the one that so many humans worship and die for. The guardian of our debut is the destroyer, the drowner of the world that is referenced in "Lost Caverns" and "Abrahamic Contagion". I would like to think that he would be worshipped and praised for drowning the world, and cleansing the Earth of humanity. We look forward to the day that the last human has gone and our race is extinct, a common theme in our lyrics."

VII. Even after their first great album, DUMAL stay hidden deep in the metal underground, visible and audible only for those who make a real effort to dig for treasures. Will the scene hear more about the band in the days to come, either on new recordings or maybe even at a concert stage?
"We are proud to say that "The Lesser God" will soon be receiving a proper re-release, on CD and vinyl. The date for that re-release is not yet set, as we tend to move at our own pace - we aren't in a rush. After that, a second full-length album will be released with a wider distribution. As far as playing live, we have some exciting shows coming up in 2018. We will be making our first trip to Canada to play at the "Temple of Ascension" festival in Edmonton this summer alongside heroes Blasphemy and Profanatica. We also have secured a show in Chicago this May opening for the mighty Dodheimsgard, and we hope to do a few additional shows as we work our way back east to Pennsylvania. We have begrudgingly become part of social media with an Instagram page. People can follow us at dumal_666 to see news of our upcoming performances and releases, as well as have a peek into our world."

Thanks a lot for the interview! My full support to DUMAL together with a prayer: May we forever dwell in our darkened fane!
"Thank you as well, and hails to the mighty Czech Black Metal scene for the inspiration!"


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