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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

The man is born small in a body and spirit. And his growing up to maturity of a body and spirit paves a journey to his death. Hardly does he realize, when death comes as a final flash of his mundane ordeal. But many secrets are revealed to the man, if he dies by the mouth of the Serpent. Such is the knowledge of the Swedish gnostic act of SAPIENTIA. In a few years of their earthly existence they forged two full-length albums, venerated by those initiated to their black and death metallic alchemy. I was more than honoured to invite the band's guitar player and vocalist Anubis to this interview.

I. The year of 2012 seems to have been a crucial landmark in your life as a musician. You started SAPIENTIA and came up with the band's very first recording, the demo "Sapientia Tenebrae" which a bit later became a part of the band's debut album "Through the First Sphere of Saturnus". At the same time you joined Hetroertzen who already got through their spiritual turnover with their magnificent piece "Exaltation of Wisdom". How do you look at that time in a hindsight, with regard to your artistic as well as personal life journey?
"It was a time of awakening for sure, indeed in my career as a musician, but more importantly, I was inducted into what has now turned into a very strict, creative and close brotherhood.
I started SAPIENTIA, however, not as a project meant to be parallel with Hetroertzen, rather, as a creative outlet with aspects and matters not meant for Hetroertzen. Not that SAPIENTIA is left over ideas at all. I am very selective with presenting riffs and arrangements to other members in Hetroertzen, because the main songwriters do not write in my style. I have always been highly influenced by progressive rock and such, and therefore, those kind of ideas just do not fit in Hetroertzen.
I cannot express enough, though, how honoured I was when I was invited into Hetroertzen, and we still have many, many more years together with the constellation we have now."

II. Luciferian gnosis is a spiritual statement as well as a deeply formative inner-self experience. At the beginning of the journey, darkness and death are what really matters. What did your orbitting the coarse sphere of Saturnus on your debut album add to your understanding of spiritual darkness, how much did your celestial voyage through the sphere help you "realize the true meaning of Death"?
"The very meaning of that album title is death in the flesh and reawakening in spirit. For me personally, I dedicated a lot of my personal development into that album, because that was where my head and heart was at. In my perspective, if you cannot surely anderstand the fundamental meaning of darkness and death, and do the works within those aspects, there is just no way to reach out from that state of mind/being. Additionally, if you find yourself focusing entirely on death and darkness, it only attracts negative reactions, emotions and actions in your life. Always look forward, but see clearly what lies ahead."

III. The three tracks of your intended demo release were re-recorded to be a part of the debut. Did you approach those songs in a different way, once Kaeffel was on board?
"Quite a lot, yes. As can clearly be heard, we umped the tempo a bit, and also let the songs flow a lot better and we rearranged them to fit better with the album as a whole. Obviously, D. (Kaeffel) is a way, way better drummer than myself, but those early demo tracks were only meant to be just demos of the songs before we settled for the best."

IV. Your work abounds with spiritual symbolism. Not just a visual one. The elevating guitar patterns, so impressively crafted in the opening track of your second full-length "Circulata Mercurius", remind of a solemn spiritual ascent. At their peak, the guitar tones are shattered in disharmony, the tower's uppermost storey is toppled from the gates of heaven and the descendants of Babylon are cursed forever. Isn't the human strife to reach the divine realm more puzzling and nerve-teasing than illuminating?
"It wasn't intentionally meant that way, but sometimes music ignites emotion within the listener and connects with the artist and vice versa, and I think that is a great part of music and art to be thouroughly enjoyed as such. That being said, to speak of Light and the Divine; What separates them? What is perplexity? Everything is made simple, yet becomes too complex to comprehend. There is just no way to certainty, even in death. Have you ever had a dream of doing something grand in your life, and once you finally realized that fantasy and made it into reality, didn't it disappoint you just a little bit, if not quite a lot? My point of bringing this up is that sometimes things just happen spontaneously, and those actions, or happenings, overwhelm you even more than planned actions. What I thought was just something fun and quite exciting to play on a song and record it, it actually touched someone in a way I could never have imagined."

V. Compared to the band´s debut, the album "Circulata Mercurius" is by far more varied in its music expression. It can handle straight-forward metal fury as well as weird style-breaking instrumentations. Does this reflect a variety of musical tastes of the band´s members or rather a specific spiritual inclination of the album?
"Both. As I stated earlier, I am a big fan of progressive rock, and I take great influences from there. Together we try to do something quite our own, but at the same time trying not to sound different for the sake of it. Most importantly, I am blessed to have D. on board to handle the drums and being able to keep up with my, sometimes, very far-fetched ideas. Having said that, I'm sure you've figured out by now that I'm talking about growth, and I like to present that to the listeners. Not just my personal, nor the bands, but as a whole. SAPIENTIA has always stood by development and growth."

VI. SAPEINTIA live their artistic and spiritual life in a wider community that transcends their music activities, with the lodge of I.O.S., 109 Art and even Lamech Records as the indivisible parts of the congregation. What does each of these formations mean to your music and spiritual efforts?
"They all go hand in hand and play a huge role, but it would be foolish of me to talk about such issues in interviews. These matters shall be discussed face to face, and I am always open to discuss such matters with like-minded and interested persons."

VII. What do SAPIENTIA head for in a foreseeable future?
"Nothing is certain, as plans never have been, but something is boiling in the kettle, that is for sure. I won't spoil anything, or even give false hopes, but I am very intrigued about where the next journey is heading, that I can say."

Thanks a lot for answering the inteview questions. And Hail the Light!


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