Seven Gates of Hell with DRACONIS INFERNUM

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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

The folks of Singapore live in the two worlds of their city-state. One on the surface with its polished streets and malls, and another in the underground with the perplexing corridors and the very same malls. Once you get into that underground world, you will find it quite challenging to get back to the daylight. And then, much deeper beneath the surface, there is another layer of the underground, the real one of the local extreme metal scene. Once you plunged into that world, you will never get out of darkness. One of the beasts that for sure will keep you confined in there is the black metal horde of DRACONIS INFERNUM. With their three well-crafted albums so far they stuck out their horns conspicuously and made many metalhead souls worldwide possessed. Their ten-year anniversary of beating the scene was marked with the release of the compilation "The Ashes of the Old". Right about the beginnings of the band, the anniversary compilation and the local scene I talked with their guitarist Xepher.

I. Since the birth of DRACONIS INFERNUM the line-up of the band changed many times, with a bunch of musicians of varied tastes and background coming in and leaving the horde. Despite all the reshuffles, the band always stick to strict black metal orthodoxy and never compromised their music style. Did you, as the band's mastermind, ever have to struggle to rein in other member's ideas to keep your music path untarnished?
"Nope, We only work with like minded indivduals that have more or less the same tastes and understanding to the art of Black Metal. Having said that, of course we have different ideas from time to time for writting new material which works out for the best."

II. You put out your debut album "Death in My Veins" three years after the band's launch. How did you spend that long time? Were you stuck in the rehearsal room, jamming, composing music and recording officially never released demo tapes?
"We were a very young band at that time, and like any band, we spent a lot of time in rehearsals and composing. We had lots of tracks recorded in rehearsals but never really released them because we felt they werent worthy of being released. In addition to that, we had a few line up changes and by that time we were satisfied with the songs and felt we were ready, we decided to just go ahead and do a full length rather than releasing a demo tape."
In the very beginnings of the band´s existence, the post of a drummer was occupied for a while by Vijesh, today best known for his drumming in the renowned Singaporean grind core act Wormrot. I turned to him and asked about his memories of the time spent in DRACONIS INFERNUM and what the band looked like then.
"I can only remember my time with them vaguely as it was about 12 years ago. I was still at school at that point and could not commit to their plan of finishing the EP during their given timespan which coincided with my GCE O level exams hence I left the band in order that they could find a replacement drummer to fill their schedule. The band was new and still finding their sound at that point of time."

III. For the anniversary compilation "The Ashes of the Old" you chose three songs from each of the band's three albums. Was the compilation intended as a sort of best-of album, with a view that all the three full-length records are entries of even value to the band's music catalogue?
"You could put it that way, the compilation was meant to be a release to commemorate our ten years of existence."

IV. The load of the past album tracks on the compilation record is amended by a relatively new, eponymous piece "Draconis Infernum". What is so special about the song that it got the privilige to bear the band's title?
"As what I had mentioned earlier, the release was to commerate our decade of existence, hence, there was nothing more appropriate than having a self titled track about ourselves in the release."

V. Last year your third album "The Sacrilegious Eradication" was re-released on vinyl by the Czech label Library of Hellfire Gods Productions. How did you get in touch with that quite small label, distant almost across the globe?
"It was through the recommedation of someone that got us accquainted."

VI. During my recent short visit to Singapore I got a strong impression that the city-state lives a life of an efficient clock-work mechanism with almost no space for abberations such as extreme metal scene. Where in the city could one find a venue or a music club that stands out as a gravitation centre of the real metal underground?
"In my opinion, there is none. The metal scene in Singapore is small yet diverse as compared to other places in Asia like Indonesia. We have a handful of Black, Death and Thrash local bands, and some of the more notable bands that are more known, are bands like Impiety, Abhorer and Rudra who have been around and needs no introduction.
An average local show in Singapore can have about maybe 70-100 people in attendance, depending on who is playing. The biggest turn out I have ever seen in Singapore was years ago when Morbid Angel played here and there was a decent turn out of about averagely 500 people locally and from the region.
In more recent times, there has been more international acts coming to Singapore, with the most recent Venom Inc and more to come such as Death Angel, Aura Noir."

VII. The band's whole existence seems to be bound with the number three. Your debut album came out three years after the band's birth, then each of the following albums appeared within a three-year time span. Your compilation "The Ashes of the Old" picks up three tracks from each of the three albums. If I count properly, this year marks the third year since the release of the compilation. So it should be the year of the new DRACONIS INFERNUM full-length, right?
"You're one of the few people who's ever brought that up. But you're right, it's been 3 years since the last release. With that being said, we do have something out real soon. Just watch out for it."

Thanks a lot for the interview! My full support to DRACONIS INFERNUM!!
"Thanks for your time!"


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