Seven Gates of Hell with RUINOUS

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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

With their debut album "Graves of Ceaseless Death", the American east-coast death metallers RUINOUS showed that deep beneath the ruins of metal ravage there can be a stunning creativity hidden and that out of the lairs of ceaseless death very vivid creatures could come. Anybody who dares to listen to their debut recording should expect being buried in total death metal havoc and unrelenting frenzy. Yet, for those with patience, out of the massive heaps of killing death metal rubble always comes a snatching riff or melody with an absolution for the ears. And spinning "Graves of Ceaseless Death" in a player becomes obsession that lasts for days and nights. I was more than honoured to have a talk with the band´s vocalist and guitar player Matt Medeiros about their music and deeds.

I. The horde of RUINOUS was "born into darkness, under the sign of the ruinous", if I may use the lyrics of one of your debut album tracks "Ravenous Eternal" to give a picture of the band´s nature. How close do spectral darkness and devouring death stand to each other in your music?
"Hails! The entire concept of our debut album "Graves of Ceaseless Death" is about those two things. The darkness that lies beneath the surface of the world, and the end that awaits all mortal beings. We conjured brutal, downtuned riffage and hellfire drums as the backdrop for our cacophonous wails of terror and praise!"

II. The three of you knew each other quite well, also because of your playing together in another band called Funebrarum, before you founded RUINOUS. Did you all have in mind a shared thought to start a new band together then, or just some of you came with the idea and pulled the other members?
"We all knew we wanted to release ferocious, dark, brutal death metal, and had been working on that for quite a while. Unfortunately we weren't making progress, and decided to carve a new path. I've been jamming with Alex since 2011, and Shawn since 2005, so we all know each other really well, get along great, and most importantly have a shared vision of what we are trying to create. "Torn Forever from the Light" was recorded a few months later, and the album was done shortly thereafter."

III. Instead of following a usual way of crafting a tentative demo or EP, the first thing you put out was a single "Torn Forever from the Light". Did you deem that single song powerful enough to strike the underground fans and labels and draw their attention to the new band?
""Torn Forever from the Light" was the first song we wrote as the band RUINOUS, so we recorded and released that first. The song is a total declaration of war, drawing a line in the sand and saying, "this is who we are and what we do." For some people it's too chaotic, others didn't like the vocals being so unhinged and raspy, to each their own, but we wanted to come out swinging. When that chorus comes in you're either in, or you're out."

IV. In the foreword to this interview I lauded your mastery in crafting catchy riffs and melodies out of the unrelenting death metal frenzy. The company of the maiden of plaque in the refrain of the song "Plague Maiden" and the temptations of the decimated angelic countenances in "From Flames of Malice Born" are just irresistible. Do you believe in power of a strong compositional highlight that can transcend the fury of a death metal song?
"We've been writing songs for quite a long time now. Like any craft you start to see how different things can fit together. I've always believed that melody is an enhancer and counterpoint to brutal downtuned riffage, so we use those elements heavily. It creates a much darker atmosphere."

V. Into your debut album´s carnage you placed two quite relaxed, moody tracks "Processions of Ceaseless Sorrows" and "Through Stygian Catacombs". Do the songs uncover another, different feature of RUINOUS music character, or you put them in there just to make the otherwise savage death metal album a bit soothing, at least for a while?
"Absolutely. It's the calm before the storm. "Through Stygian Catacombs" could have just been a ripper, but we wanted something that was more narrative, with more twists and turns. It lets us flex a bit of a different musical muscle, but the core is always death metal darkness. Even "Procession of Ceaseless Sorrows," with its doom elements, retains a similar feel. You can't just do the same thing over and over, it gets boring. We want to hold the listener by the throat from the opening note until the very end."

VI. What survived out of the old underground metal spirit up until today that RUINOUS still embrace it with a pride?
"The underground is amazing because it transcends time and space. We are on opposite sides of the world, but share a love for this music. We can worship old, obscure bands, or the many amazing new bands that have come up recently. So I'm very grateful for that.
In all my bands I try to push the boundaries of my skill, which I think was the essence of the early underground. I also use current bands as a benchmark. What new records just rip? What old bands still got it? These things make me passionate to create."

VII. Two years after the release of "Graves of Ceaseless Death", what are RUINOUS heading for?
"Alex is home for a little bit after a year of touring with Immolation, so now we're working on the follow up album. Expect it to be devastatingly heavy, soaked in dark atmosphere and designed for maximum volume!"

Thanks a lot for the interview! And let the days-to-come be torn forever from the light!!
"Thanks for the interview. I'm glad you dig the record. And thanks for supporting the underground! Your readers can find more details about us, including links to social media, on our website. Cheers!"


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