Seven Gates of Hell with DISHARMONY

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The aim of the open series of the blogzine´s Seven Gates of Hell interviews is to introduce the bands and their music that struck my metalhead´s heart and soul recently. In seven questions, the gates are open for those who make their music of true metal spirit, pure dedication and of what I understand as underground approach and aesthetics.

Deep in the moss of the Helenic metal underground there were cursed things coming about in the early nineties. The Greek Spirit which had endowed the world with classic knowledge of the cosmic and human principles hooked up with the the Devil in music. Out of that union came the fallen creatures that embarked on spreading the Darkness into the light of God and dissolving that Darkness with the Light of their own. The band DISHARMONY were one of those. They made a very promising kickoff with three demo recordings then, but their fiery kindling went out soon afterwards and for more than a quarter of a century there were no signs of them around. That state of things changed two years ago with a release of the compilation of early demos "Vade Retro Satana", which moved the band´s mastermind Damien King III to ressurect the horde. Yesteryear the reborn DISHARMONY finally put out their first album "Goddamn the Sun". All that was talked over in the very revealing interview with Damien.

I. The band´s name suggests that the kind of music you play could be anything else than that of captivating tuneful experience one gets when listening to your debut album "Goddamn the Sun". In what way are you disharmonious, if it is definitely not due to your tunes?
"Of course it´s not musicwise. Imagine the widest night sky with the moon…, the light of the moon distrurbs the solid darkness. A dark forest where the sunlight beams pass through leaves and invade the shadows. Still, both can´t exist without the other. In this natural law, there is always a bit of light to enhance darkness and little bit of darkness to give identity and presence to light. In this system, we are that disharmonic element, that darkness in which the light is dissolved, that little non fitting black spot in the calm horizon that you know when storm is coming, that side of the same coin that researchers of the Dark Arts value the Most as basic element to achieve Knowledge."

II. DISHARMONY seem to have a long history reaching deep into the past time of the early nineties. Why did you get stuck with just three demos then and resurrected back to life after more than a quarter of century, without any traceable music deeds in between? How crucial was the compilation "Vade Retro Satana" in bringing you back to the world?
"Well, the mid to late nineties, we all love to be nostalgic about..., but as I remember them, it was a weird situation that everyone was copying Darkthrone and Burzum and turning bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth to extreme metal stars. It´s not a coincidence that so many black metal bands changed their sound or style back then. The underground feeling was lost. The true passion was sodomized by rock success & money. So I personally decided I should leave things as they were, keep the black flame inside burning only for me and return if and when I would feel I should do. Still, I recorded 4 albums in another dark genre (and trust me, after me, quite many black metal musicians followed that path).
Patrick Kremer from Iron Bonehead was the one to give me back the Spear. You know, there was a release on 7" of the "High Priestess" 1993 promo in 2015 but that was not enough to bring me back. Still, that re-release made me compose and record, testing the Fire Inside. It was the Awakening. Then, The Unseen brought Patrick and Iron Bonehead. It was the right time and I could feel it, leading to "Vade Retro Satana" and right after to "Goddamn The Sun"."

III. Helenic black metal stands as an iconic subgenre within metal music, immediately recognizable through its specific sound, and definitely keeps a pair status among the metalheads to other notorious brandings like True Norwegian black metal or NWOBHM. Do you consider DISHARMONY´s music, with its undistorted guitar riffs and neatly sculptured melodies, as a hallmark representative of Helenic black metal sound?
"I believe it depends how each one defines the Greek sound. Is it for example like "Thy Mighty Contract" (debut album of Rotting Christ from the year of 1993)? Because "Passage to Arcturo" (EP of Rotting Christ from the year of 1991) is a masterpiece too but sounds so different and it´s the same band. Is it "Crossing the Fiery Path" album (debut album of Necromantia from the year of 1993)? That also has nothing to do with "Thy Mighty Contract" or "His Majesty at the Swamp" (debut album of Varathron from the year of 1993). Is it Molon lave and Storm studios (at which I had both recorded back then)?
For sure, Greek black metal was more into Occult, very original music and certainly not mega fast and more melodic compared to other scenes. If this is the measure, then DISHARMONY can be representatives of Greek Black metal scene. If copying the riffs or the sound of some of the most succesful masterpieces in black metal history, released from Greek bands back in the 90's, is the measure, then no, DISHARMONY is not the best representative."

IV. Your debut album "Goddamn the Sun" was forged during the month of August in the year of 2559. What does that weird date refer to in terms of the band´s spiritual inclinations?
"The Anno Satanas from the 90's was transformed into a cyclic pattern that includes a lot of different esoterism and my practical daily occupation with the Dark Arts. So it is a measuring/calculating extension of myself".

V. I cut the album into the two imaginary halves during my listening sessions spent with the recording. The first one of the plain devilish rhymes and the second one stuffed with the fiery black bangers, of which I highly enjoy the masterpieces "War in Heaven" and "Praise the Fallen". Did all the songs of the album originate from the band´s reborn era? And, by the way, whose is that mesmerizing fairy voice in "War in Heaven" that makes the angelic war so etheric?
"Oh, thank You so much! Yes, of course, all of the songs were composed after the "Vade Retro Satana" release. So, they are all brand new even though you can clearly understand the connection with the past. That female voice you hear belongs to a member of my Apocryphal Circle that of course she wouldn´t like to be revealed. But I assure you, she will be quite pleased with the wonderful words you chose to use and describe it. Your words will take form, make patterns and Elevate to reach her."

VI. What is the story behind that dilapidated graveyard wall in the picture inside the booklet of the album?
"I have NO idea why you chose to ask me this..., .really. Are you One of Us? You must be very sensitive person with the things our eyes can´t see..., great!
That photo was meant to be. It was a message from a Spirit. The story goes like this. I was wandering at that graveyard, like I used to do. What you see are places that bones are stored after excavation.... I take one photo and ok, normal, all good... But I was somehow forced to do two steps back and take same shot one more time. I couldn´t understand why I had this need to do it. Anyway, I do it and then I see a blue light coming out from one of those tombs the moment I had it into my frame. I was waiting..., the light wasn´t fading or moving even if I was moving. I take the photo..., then I gave it to pro photographers in case that was any lens reflection or something happened accidentally... They replied that no, it is not any kind of malfunction or reflection. Searched the internet and forums with photographers. None explanation was fitting as mechanic problem or accident or reflection or glitch etc. with what I had in my hands
To get is short... when the tomb was into my view, the light came out. It was a clear message from that Soul and the way it wanted to contact me. I can´t tell you the later process but as Rememberance and Homage, I had to place that photo into the "Goddamn The Sun" booklet. (even though it was not 100 % fitting to have a photo in the same artwork beside a painted front cover)."

VII. Responding to my request for this interview you mentioned that a new album of DISHARMONY is on the way. Does the new recording follow on "Goddamn the Sun" and the traditional helenic black metal sound again? When could we expect the album being released?
"Actually it is a new recording of 4 songs that we did during Christ Mass last year. Its title is "Messe De Minuit" and hopefully it will be released early next year. I hope so but the waiting list on vinyl pressing is enormous nowadays... so I cant give you any approximate date.
On the music part, the sound is even older! Same studio with "Goddamn the Sun", same natural drums without editing, same outboards (I don´t like to use any plug-ins), same completely analog mixing and mastering process but this time we recorded with one early 90's amp and my beloved 1983 amp... and it made a difference, so, I am trully happy again with it. I hope you will also like it."

Thank you very much for the talk. Let´s praise the Darkness and curse the Sun!
"Thank You for the chance to be presented in your opus, for the wonderful questions, it was my total pleasure to meet a person like You. Glory!"


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